Are You Furnishing And Decorating A Large Living Room?

When you were designing your custom home, did you decide that instead of having a separate family room and living room you would have just one great room? Now you might be buying the furniture needed to fill that large space. If you're looking for help on how to decorate the room, you've come to the right place.

First of all, since the room is extra large, consider visually dividing it. Treat part of the room as a formal sitting room while the other part of the room will be used for casual living. Is there a fireplace in the room? Before you shop, decide if the fireplace will be in the casual area of the great room or in the more formal part. That will probably help you to select your furniture.

Furniture For The Formal Area

Think of buying sectional couches that will face each other.

  • Since the room is large, you can probably go with two six- or eight-foot sofas that will face each other.
  • If you are wanting a contemporary feeling, choose sofas with sleek, simple lines.
  • For a traditional look, go with sofas that have a more elaborate design.
  • The fabric you select will help to set the mood, too.
  • For a contemporary look, choose fabric with a geometric pattern.
  • For a traditional look, go with something like a fleur de lis pattern or a leaf pattern for the upholstery fabric.

Choose a coffee table, end tables, and occasional chairs that will complement the sectional couches you select.

Furniture For The Casual Area

You can't go wrong with buying sectional couches for the less formal area of your great room.

  • This time, choose something like leather or duck cloth for the couch upholstery.
  • For instance, if you are sticking with a contemporary feeling in this part of the great room, leather would help to establish that.
  • If you have gone with informal sectional couches, denim or duck cloth are both good choices.
  • For example, if you chose a pattern that has red as part of the design, red denim would be great for the casual sectionals.
  • Instead of buying end tables and a coffee table, go with something very unique.
  • One idea is to use wooden barrels for the end tables and an old travel chest for the coffee table.

The artwork you select will help to establish the mood you seek. For instance, reproductions of work by artists like Monet or Van Gogh in heavy gold frames will be perfect for the elegant side of your great room. Framed posters would be great for the casual area.

For more information about sectional couches, contact a furniture store.