All About Office Cubicles

Why use office cubicles? 

Office cubicles have been around since the 60s. Before they were invented, offices were made up of rows of desks without any privacy. Cubicles offer many advantages over a more open work space, which is why many companies still choose to use them. 

Privacy- Cubicles provide a level of privacy that makes workers feel like they have their own space to work in, away from prying eyes. The borders between cubicles can be a viable, less expensive, substitute for individual offices. 

Personalized Space- A cubical gives employees a place to call their own and a work-space that they can personalize. Many companies allow workers to create a more welcoming environment, by hanging up posters or displaying family photos within their cubicles. Some cubicles are even built with these sorts of displays in mind. A personalized work-space has been proven to strengthen the relationship between an employee and their company, making the employee feel like they are really a part of the company. 

Greater Productivity- Studies have shown, that without designated personal space and the walls that cubicles provide, workers are actually less productive. In a work-space without cubicles, there are many more distractions and employees have a harder time concentrating on their jobs. Cubicles create a space with significantly fewer distractions and can lead to a more efficient work day. 

What types of cubicles are there? 

When you are looking for cubicles, there are many options, depending on the space you are working with and the environment you want to create for your company.   

Some cubicles are built with high walls that can mimic a private office, so that, even if an employee is standing, they can't see over the border. These kinds of cubicles would be ideal, if you are looking for a cheaper version of a private office. Your employees will feel like they really have their own space.

On the other hand, some cubicles are short. The advantage of a shorter cubical, where an employee can stand up and see across the room, is that it creates a more open feel in the office, while still letting the employees have their space. This also allows natural light to reach each work station. 

Cubicles are made of different materials and come in different styles to fit whatever aesthetic you are looking for. They can be carpeted, wood paneling, a combination of wood and glass, or even metal, for a more modern feel. Whatever your company needs, you can find the right cubical to fit.