How To Care For Luxury Hotel-Style Sheets

One of the most memorable parts of staying in a luxury hotel while on a vacation is the high-quality bedding. The good news is that you can recreate the glamorous hotel experience at home by buying the same type of linens, such as sheets with high thread counts. 

Hotel-quality sheets are known for being soft and cozy, and for their long-lasting durability. Since they may cost a bit more than basic sheets, it's important to protect your investment with proper care and maintenance. While you won't need to haul the linens to the dry cleaners, you'll need to pay attention to the manufacturers' care labels, which will feature specific instructions. 

When deciding on the best luxury sheets for your home, you'll have plenty of options from which to choose. The number one factor to consider is what type of material you'd like. One of the most luxurious linen fabrics on the market is 100 percent combed Egyptian cotton. The sheets are cool, soft and smooth to the touch, and look beautiful on your bed as well. 

After picking the best fabric, narrow down your choices by color or pattern. You can either go for a clean, classic look with all-white sheets, or match a decor theme with colorful or patterned linens. If your bedroom has a nautical theme, for instance, go with sheets featuring whimsical navy blue and red ship or anchor design. 

Here are some tips for caring for your luxury hotel bedding.


Although most luxury cotton linens are pre-shrunk, it's best to wash them in cold water only to avoid damaging the fibers. Wash the sheets by themselves to avoid snagging or staining from other linen or clothing items. This is especially important if you have white sheets.

Use a mild laundry detergent, and avoid treating the linens with a fabric softener or bleach. Place the washer on its "gentle" or "delicate" setting, and dry the sheets promptly after the cycle ends.


Dry the luxury sheets on your dryer's lowest heat setting, adding more time as needed. Avoid using fabric softener sheets or other softening or deodorizing products, which can damage the sheets' delicate fibers. 

To avoid wrinkles, remove the sheets from the dryer as soon as they are thoroughly dry, and either place them on the bed right away or carefully fold before placing them into storage. Store the sheets in a cool, dry location, such as your linen closet.