Pros And Cons Of A Bed With Drawers Inside Of It

When you're shopping for a new bed for your master bedroom, there are a number of things that you'll want to evaluate beyond the size of the bed and the comfort of the mattress. Many beds have additional features that can be attractive to buyers, and one such feature is storage inside of the bed. For example, if the bed has a thick frame, the frame may include a couple of drawers that slide out. There's little question that such a design can be enticing, but it can also have some drawbacks that make it so it is not suitable for everyone. Here are some points for you to consider.

Pro: More Storage

The major reason to buy a bed that has drawers inside of it is that this piece of bedroom furniture gives you more storage. Many people have challenges in this area — namely, they have more clothing than they can conveniently store in their dresser and in their closet. While reducing the volume of clothing that you own is always one solution, having a bed in which you can store certain items will be appealing to lots of people.

Con: Requires A Large Room

Not everyone has a vast master bedroom, which is generally what is needed if you're going to buy a bed with drawers inside of it. Remember that you need to be able to slide each of the drawers open. Depending on their size, they might slide out a foot or more. If your bedroom is small, you might not have this amount of space to spare. For example, if the drawers slide out far enough that they reach the wall at the base of the bed, this can be awkward.

Pro: Convenient Access

Having drawers in your bed provides versatility to what you want to store. While many people store clothing in these drawers, you can also store other items. For example, placing a couple of folded blankets in one of the drawers can be useful. On a cold night, instead of having to climb out of your bed and walk across the cold floor to retrieve a blanket from the linen cupboard, you can instead crawl to the edge of the bed and grab an extra blanket.

Con: Bed Is Higher

The drawers inside of a bed of this style are several inches deep, which means that the bed frame needs to be at least this deep to accommodate the drawers. If you have a short stature, you may find that the bed is simply too tall for you. It may be challenging to climb into, especially if you have a thick mattress, and you may sit on the edge without your feet touching the floor.

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