A Breakdown Of Different Dining Table Types

The dining table is perhaps one of the most important pieces of furniture in the house. This is where you will gather for important family discussions and meals. This table is where you will gather around for birthdays, holidays, and special occasions; where family memories will surely be made. There are different dining table types to suit just about any interior design theme you can imagine, and picking the right one at a dining table store can truly be a challenge. Check out this short list of some of the dining table types you will come across to help you make a good decision.

Minimalist or Rectangular - Will find a lot of these table types out there because they work well with just about any interior design, are inexpensive, and easily assembled. Minimalist or rectangular tables have the basic rectangular shape with four legs. These tables don't have a lot of bells and whistles, but they are perfect for decorating with fancy tablescapes and can be paired with a wide range of chair options. Rectangular is probably the most traditional shape in dining table designs. 

Round - Round dining tables work really well if you have a small dining room or if you only have a small nook in your kitchen that will have to work as a dining space. Round tables work well as they are, usually with seating for up to four people. However, they most often come with a leaf or center piece that can be added to extend the table into an ovular shape if you need to seat a few more guests for a special occasion. Round tables work really well in small spaces, but they also work well if you have a smaller family size and like a more intimate setting. 

Freeform - Freeform dining tables stray away from the classic dining table shapes like oval, square, or rectangle. Instead, these tables can have a range of tabletop shapes, such as triangular or octagonal, and may be supported with several different bases, from trundles to legs and everything in between. If you want your dining table to be an artistic focal point of a more modern or contemporary room, the freeform design will fit the objective very well. These tables work really well in wide-open spaces just the same as they do smaller dining areas, and they pair well with different types of seating and chairs.