Three Reasons to Choose an Open-Front Wooden Bookcase

Although many wooden bookcases have open fronts, you'll commonly see some models with doors. These doors may be made of solid wood or could have plain or frosted glass panels in them. A bookcase with doors might seem appealing because of its tidy appearance, but you should also give some thought to the merits of buying this piece of furniture in an open-front design. Such bookcases are readily available whether you shop online or in local stores, and they can offer you plenty of benefits, including the following.

It Encourages You to Read

The biggest reason to choose an open-front wooden bookcase is that this design allows you to see the spines of your books. Many book enthusiasts take considerable pride in their libraries, and the idea of covering up the books with doors can be unappealing. Being able to see your collection is desirable for a number of reasons. When you can see the books from across the room, you might be more inclined to go over to your bookcase and grab a book to read rather than sit down in front of the TV, for example.

It Invites Book Conversations

Anyone who is passionate about books likely enjoys talking about them. Choosing open-front bookcases for your home makes your books visible to guests. When you're entertaining guests who are also avid readers, they'll gravitate toward your collection, and you'll enjoy being able to discuss it. You could find that you have more in common than expected when you're talking to different people in your home, all because of the books' visibility. For example, someone may see several books by a certain author, and then divulge that the author is his or her favorite, too. Finding this common ground wouldn't be as likely to happen if the books were concealed behind doors.

It Creates a Nice Backdrop

If you're a family that values its books, having them visible creates a pleasing backdrop for you. Perhaps you take family portraits each year to distribute around the holidays. If that's the case, posing in front of the open-front wooden bookcases can provide an image that you enjoy. Depending on where you have your bookcases set up, you might even enjoy using this backdrop when you're doing video chats with friends—the backdrop may give you a professional look that you appreciate. Browse the available open-front wood bookcases from your local furniture store to find a product that suits you.