Use Modern Furnishings And Decor To Redecorate Your Living Room With A Blue Theme

A monochromatic color pallete, straight lines, and simplicity are all characteristics of modern furnishings. Warm or neutral colors tend to dominate this style and people who prefer functionality over glitz and glam may prefer to furnish their homes with modern furnishings. If blue is your favorite color and you have chosen to redecorate your living room with blue as an inspiration, incorporate modern furnishings and decor.

Shop Around For Furniture

Survey the furnishings and decorations that are featured in showrooms to decide which items to group together in order to make an attractive ensemble. Sit down on display pieces and touch the surface of items that interest you to determine which items are the most comfortable and possess a texture that you are fond of.

Choose standard pieces or ones that adjust. Adjustable chairs, couches, and tables will allow you to accommodate each of your family members so that they are properly fitted with a height and angle that will comfortably support their bodies while they relax.

During your shopping experience, try to come up with a shade of blue that you want to use in the living room. A deep blue may remind you of the sea and its calming effects and a soft blue may prompt you to think of a powderpuff, cotton candy, or angora fur sweater that your grandmother knit for you. Choose a shade of blue that you are optimistic about and choose plastic, vinyl, or fabric-covered furnishings that are a similar shade. 

Choose Accents

Some of the decorations that are on display may be of interest, but you can also branch out and learn about other modern decorations by visiting a trendy home accessory shop or boutique. Blue-colored table lamps that contain metal accents won't undermine the furnishings and may even add an element of elegance, since the shiny metal will be complementary to the blue hue you have selected.

Choose some modern paintings or sculptures to provide the room with cultural and artistic qualities. If you are not going to be repainting the walls in the room, you can still add a slight pop of color around the upper portion of each wall.

Purchase a blue-colored border paper that contains an adhesive backing. This type of paper can be smooth or textured and will provide walls with distinct and interesting edges. Use a non-abrasive cleaning agent to remove smudge marks and cobwebs from the top of each wall before attaching the strips across the upper portion of each wall.

Visit modern furniture stores to find the best accessories for your home.