How Interior Decorators "Invite" You Into A Furniture Showroom

Have you ever noticed how clusters of furniture are arranged in a modern showroom in a furniture store? What characteristics do each cluster seem to share? How does this affect consumers' willingness to sit on the furniture and make a purchase? To satiate your curiosity to all of the above, here are the answers.

Yes, the Arrangements Are Intentional

Furniture showrooms hire professional interior decorators to design how the furniture is placed and how to enhance each "room." This professional approach to arranging the showroom floor "invites" the consumers into a room that is almost private, almost their own. All they have to do is purchase the furniture on which they choose to sit or lay.

Never Mind Feng Shui--This Is about Home

Each cluster of furniture is arranged in ways that are typical of rooms in consumer homes. Living room furniture is arranged to reflect an "L" or "U" shape, such as most people would do if they were to arrange things themselves. It is a natural flow of the room; family and guests would sit in the furniture in a way that would allow them to visit with each other or to watch TV together.

Likewise, all of the bedroom furniture is arranged in a way that is logical in its flow. You get out of bed, go to the dresser, go to a closet or wardrobe, and then reverse these steps until you turn out the lamp on the nightstand at night. You can see these patterns in all of the arrangements.

Seeing a Room Through the Designer's Eyes

Not everyone can design a room like Martha Stewart, nor does everyone have the artistic vision of furniture designers. When a furniture store has an interior decorator put together full "rooms" of furniture and accessories, it shows consumers how they, too, could have a fabulous living room or bedroom. Consumers want to sit in the chairs, on the sofas and love seats, and lay on the beds.

When they do, they pause to look at the "room" around them and imagine what it would be like to have that exact set of furniture and decor in their own homes. When they have done this with several different sets of furniture and several of the "rooms" on the showcase floor, they find the one that feels most like home to them. That is when a sale is made because they have found what they want or did not even know they wanted when they walked in the door.