How Cabinet Refacing Works

Kitchen remodels can be costly. However, there is one great way to drastically remodel your kitchen without spending too much money. You can affordably reface your existing cabinets to give them a completely updated style. This article explains how cabinet refacing works, and why it is a smart decision for homeowners with a more limited budget.

Importance of Cabinet Style

The cabinet, more than any other feature in your kitchen is one of the most defining style features of the room. That is, your cabinet style largely informs the entire room style. Just like any other design feature in your home, cabinets can go out of style over the years. The molding and doors can make your cabinet system look outdated and old. If you look at your cabinet, you will notice that it is basically a box with decorative molding and decorative doors attached to it. These are the style features that define your cabinet. So, you can have professionals affordably change your doors, apply a new finish to the face frame, and install new molding to make your kitchen look very different.

How the Process Works

The process of cabinet refacing is going to be far more affordable than complete cabinet replacement. Tearing your kitchen cabinets off of the wall, building new boxes, and installing an entirely new system is going to cost thousands of dollars. Even if you install a prebuilt, modular cabinet system, the labor involved with the removal of your old cabinets and installing the new system, is going to be very significant. However, the labor involved with refacing your cabinet is relatively minimal.

The process is surprisingly simple and not very time consuming. This is thanks in part to the fact that the new doors can be built, stained, and fully prepped for installation before you even need to remove your old doors. The same goes for the molding. Since the cabinet maker will make the cabinets in the shop, and attach the hinges, the process of applying the new doors is very simple. In the meantime, you will need to remove everything from your cabinets so that the new stain can be applied to the existing cabinet box. However, with the doors and moldings remove from your cabinet, most of the surfaces are just flat and square, so the process of refinishing the cabinet boxes goes by very quickly. Professionals will make sure that your doors match perfectly with your old cabinet box. The turnaround time for this project is usually just a couple of days. Contact a company, like Black Carriage Furniture, for more help.