Having Trouble Sleeping? Check Your Mattress

Everyone is different when it comes to mattress needs. So, it's a shame when people sleep on the same generic mattress year after year without considering whether that mattress could be the source of insomnia, a bad back, and more. If you're finding it harder than ever to fall asleep or get a good night's rest, consider that your mattress might be the source of your woes. 

Sleep Styles

Your sleeping position affects the mattress you should have. Some people sleep mostly on their backs, while others sleep on their sides or their stomachs. Your natural sleep position can change the mattress firmness that you should use. For example, people who sleep on their sides need more cushioning, since the body doesn't naturally touch the mattress at all points when you lay on your side. Someone who sleeps on their back may want a mattress that is angle upwards to remove some of the pressure on the low back. A stomach sleeper will want something completely different. If you aren't sleeping on a mattress that complements your natural sleeping style, you are putting unnecessary strain on your body every night and giving yourself an unrefreshing sleep. 

Old Mattresses

That being said, a mattress that was perfect for you ten years ago may be terrible for you today. Mattresses can change in firmness. Box springs can start to poke out. Memory foam becomes condensed over time. If you haven't changed your mattress in many years, it is worth at least looking at what's other there these days. 

Mattress Adjustments

There are a lot of different accessories or unique mattress adjustors to consider as well. For example, do you know if you would sleep better on a single mattress rather than a mattress and box spring? What about a mattress frame or a futon as a base? Have you tried out an adjustable mattress? These are all things that matter. The technology available at mattress stores is improving all the time. 

Testing Out the Perfect Mattress

Once you are motivated to check out other mattress options, visit some mattress stores to start looking for your perfect bed. Ask a salesperson to show you some of their most popular mattress models and try them out yourself. Don't be afraid to spend a little extra on your mattress. You sleep for a third of your life, so having a comfortable place to sleep is important. 

Contact local mattress stores for more information and assistance.