Using Furniture With Versatility To Fill A Small Space

If you recently purchased a small home because you wish to downsize the amount of space you utilize, you are most likely excited to enjoy your new abode and your simplistic lifestyle. Furnishing your new home may take a bit of time in finding the right pieces to fill the space appropriately. Using furniture with versatility in the functions the pieces provide will help you in saving space for other items. Here are some furniture pieces to consider when moving to a home with less living space than you have currently:

Look For Items With Storage Areas

Pieces of furniture with hidden storage spots are a great addition to any type of small space. A coffee table with cabinets can be used to keep your DVD or video game collection out of sight but within easy reach. A home entertainment shelving system works well at doubling as a display case for your favorite knick-knacks. A foot ottoman makes a handy space to hold a blanket and pillow should you decide to take an impromptu nap.

Find Seating With Hidden Features

When you purchase a couch, love seat, or arm chair for your living room, think about finding pieces that allow you to use space for other reasons other than just for sitting. A chair with a pull-out tray on the side will make it easier for you to have a book, your remote control, or other necessary items right by your side. A couch with a pull-down middle section will allow you to use the back of the cushioned area as a table for snacking or to hold paperwork. Some chairs also have pockets available to hold your television channel guide, a magazine, or your spectacles, so they do not get lost.

Consider Your Sleeping Space

The bed you use in your home can make an impact on the amount of space you have in your bedroom to use for other reasons. If you are limited on space, think about purchasing a day bed to free up the room. This type of bed will double as a seating area when it is not being used for slumbering. A pillow can be stored in a cabinet or closet when you wish to use the mattress to rest upon. Simply pull out the frame of the day bed away from the wall and push the back portion downward to expand the space you will use for slumber. When you wake up, pull the frame forward once again to transform the bed back into a chair-like structure.

Contact a local furniture store for more information and assistance.