Ways To Keep Your Children From Damaging Living Room Furnishings

After buying a nice new couch, end tables and a few recliner chairs to go in your living room, you may wonder how long they will last if you have active children. Normally just sitting on new furniture in the proper manner will begin to wear it down after after a couple of years, so if you have to contend with children who often jump and bounce on furnishings a plan will be needed for preservation purposes. Here are several ways that families can keep their new furniture in great condition, prevent premature furniture repairs, and maintain furniture warranties so that no-cost replacement may still be an option.

Provide Children With Their Own Seating

If your children just can't seem to help standing up on your couches or jumping on them whenever you turn your back, you should give them child sized recliner chairs or even a youth couch to use instead. This will keep them off of your new living room seating altogether while also making them feel special because you have designated furniture that was purchased just for them to use. Couches and recliners that are mainly used by adults generally don't require furniture repair as often or as quickly if it is still new.

Use The Living Room Mainly For Entertaining Guests

This won't be hard if you have a family room or recreation area that your family often relaxes in, but keeping the living room firmly off limits to precocious kids can be another effective way to keep your new living room furniture in better shape. When guests are present you can easily prevent your children from misusing your new living room furniture. If the adults in your home tend to stay out of the living room when there aren't any guests present, your children will be less likely to spend much time in there either.

Use Furniture Covers

You don't need to use those clear, hard plastic furniture covers to help protect you new living room furniture but putting any type of sturdy cloth cover over it will aid it in staying better maintained. There will be a lower risk of your new furniture getting stained and its fabric will stay pristine when there is a cover separating active kids from your new couch cushions. Talking to a furniture repair specialist can also aid you in learning ways to reinforce your new living room furnishings so that they last longer. Companies like Granddad's Refinishing, LLC can help.