5 Ways to Keep Your Couch in Great Shape

If you recently purchased a new couch, you surely want to keep it in good shape. Whether you keep it in the garage for family barbecues or you want to maintain your living room sofa, these tips will help you keep your furniture in excellent condition.

1. Want to keep your sofa comfortable? Fluff it up.

It is important that you keep your cushions fluffed up. Take some time every once in a while to prod your cushions so that you never see them falling flat. It is also wise to flip your couch cushions every month or so, preventing one side from feeling more beat down than others. If each cushion is the same, you can also move the center cushion, which typically does not get as much use, to the outside every once in a while.

2. You can't always see dust and dirt on a couch -- vacuum anyway!

Even if you are unable to see dust on your couch, it is important that you stick to a regular vacuuming schedule. Otherwise, you might find that pet dander and dust really get deep into the fabric and do not come off as easily.

3. Keep your couch out of direct sunlight.

Did you know that sunlight can fade your beautiful fabrics? Instead of keeping your couch close to the window, make sure you have it in a space where direct sunlight is not going to hit it throughout the day.

4. Find a stain protection that works for you.

Stains happen, even if you do not allow eating and drinking on your couch. Prepare for the inevitability of stains by finding a cleaner that you can trust. If you already have a bottle of cleaner on hand, there is less time for a stain to seep in. This is also where it pays to know about the upholstery you've purchased.

5. Wipe pet hair away with a glove.

Rubber gloves are surprisingly useful in removing pet hair from cats and dogs. Simply wear the glove and rub your hand along the couch to see the hair pop up. It is also a good idea to place scratching pads in areas where your cat might otherwise desire to dig its claws.

Maintaining your couch is a great way to show off your beautiful home. When your furniture is in good shape, the rest of your home looks fantastic too.