3 Great Uses For A Custom Wooden Storage Crate

There are so many awesome uses for custom wooden storage crates, especially because they can basically be made to meet anyone's needs and/or wants. This article is going to discuss 3 great uses for a custom wooden storage crate

Hope Chest

If you have a custom wooden storage crate made that has a fitted lid to go along with it, this is the perfect piece to use as a hope chest. A hope chest is a chest that, back in the day, was a chest filled with linens and other items to prepare a women for marriage. Today, this tradition is still loosely followed, but it is basically going to contain special items that you, or someone else, can use in the future and that are sentimental and special. Having a hope chest to hold these treasures is a wonderful idea, and having the chest created from a personalized wooden storage crate is simply going to make it even more special for you. 

Bicycle Basket 

An awesome use for a simple wooden storage crate is a bicycle basket. Having a basket on either the front or the back of your bicycle is going to be super convenient. This is going to be especially true if you use your bike as your main source of transportation and are constantly carrying things with you when you are on it, such as school books, groceries, work items, etc. A custom wooden storage crate can be made to easily fit the dimensions of your bike, Then, once it has been created, it is going to be up to you to attach it to your bike using some type of metal clamp or other attachment system. 

Television Stand 

A custom wooden storage crate can also be used for a television stand. This store crate is going to need to be made a bit larger and wider than your average storage crate so that it can easily hold the television placed on top of it. You can also include several shelves within the front of the storage crate to hold all of your electronics, movies, and more. This is a great piece for a television stand because it is going to provide a level of uniqueness that is hard to match, it is going to give your decor a very classic and rustic look to it, and it is going to be sturdy enough for the task.