4 Easy Ways To Give Your Older Home A Newer Look And Feel

Just because you are not currently inclined to plan extensive renovations or home décor projects doesn't mean that you can't breathe new life into your older home. Here are a few easy to implement yet effective ways to make your older home look fresh and new:

Spiff up the Flooring

An excellent way to give your home a fresh look is to make some updates to your flooring where possible. If you have hardwood flooring, sand it and give it a new coat of stain and wax. If you have laminate flooring, cover the nicks and inconsistencies with new area rugs. Small stains can be covered with small decorative mats made of vinyl. If tile flooring is found in your home, have a professional clean the grouted areas and bleach each tile.

If any flooring is too damaged or expensive to restore, consider laying padding and carpeting over it. And if your home is already full of carpeting, have it professionally cleaned to get rid of pollutants and dust mites. Opt for steam cleaning, as this method will allow your technician to utilize shampoos that will get rid of old stains.  

Update Your Windows

Replacing your old windows with new ones is sure to put a bright spin on your home's design thanks to their new frames and shiny glass. When shopping for new windows, consider Energy Star rated options to improve your household's overall energy efficiency and save some money on heating and cooling expenses.

In addition to reducing your energy bills, you can expect your new Energy Star windows to protect the flooring and furniture inside your home from UV rays. If you can't afford to replace your windows altogether, consider replacing the frames or even covering them with custom made wooden options.

Create a custom look for your new windows while improving heat gain and loss throughout the year by applying insulation film to them. Because window insulation film comes in a variety of designs and hues, you can make your windows look like they have been made of stained glass or give them a green tint to blend in with your exterior foliage. You can even create your own look on the windows by cutting the insulation film into thin strips and applying the film to them using stencils or abstract designs.

Give Your Appliances a Makeover

If your kitchen appliances are mismatched or chipped and scratched, give them a makeover and watch your kitchen come to life with a fresh overall look. Start by taking your appliances outside or to the garage and sanding them down to get rid of chipped paint and create a smooth surface. Then cover them with epoxy appliance paint, so they look new and match. The paint comes in all sorts of colors including white, black, and stainless steel, which should make it easy to create a look that complements the current design of your kitchen.

Replace Some of Your Furniture

One of the most effective ways to give your older home a newer look is to replace some of the furniture throughout your home with modern options. Get rid of your cotton covered couches in favor of suede covered seating. Replace your wooden coffee and end tables with glass-topped varieties. Put top-grain leather recliners where your loveseat currently sits. Exchange your table lights for automated overhead lighting and floor lamps. And for the furniture, you can't or don't want to get rid of, update it with paint, new fabric covers, and embellishments where possible. There are many new and modern options at contemporary furniture stores like Visions In Contemporary Living.

These tips and tricks are sure to make your home look and feel years younger than it currently does.